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Guest Post Content Requirements: A Blogger’s Checklist

by guestposthunter

5 Things Bloggers Want in Guest Posts

1. Original content. Bloggers don’t want to publish recycled content that’s been posted on a dozen other blogs. They want fresh, original content that their readers will find valuable.

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2. Expertise. Bloggers want guest posts from writers who are experts on the topic they’re writing about. They want to be able to trust that the information in the guest post is accurate and well-researched.

3. A strong voice. Bloggers want guest posts that are written in a clear, engaging style. They want posts that will make their readers want to read more.

4. A call to action. Bloggers want guest posts that end with a call to action. They want to know what readers should do after they finish reading the post. This could be anything from subscribing to the blog to visiting the author’s website.

How to Write a Guest Post That Wows Bloggers

1. Do your research. Before you start writing your guest post, take some time to research the blog you’re submitting to. What kind of content do they publish? Who is their target audience? What are their submission guidelines?

2. Write a strong headline. Your headline is the first thing bloggers will see when they’re considering your guest post. Make sure it’s attention-grabbing and relevant to the blog’s audience.

3. Write an engaging introduction. Your introduction is your chance to hook the reader and make them want to read more. Start with a strong hook, then introduce yourself and your expertise on the topic.

4. Body paragraphs. The body paragraphs of your guest post should be well-written and informative. Support your claims with evidence, and use clear, concise language.

5. Conclusion. Your conclusion should be strong and leave the reader with a call to action. This could be anything from subscribing to the blog to visiting the author’s website.

The Ultimate Guest Post Checklist for Bloggers

1. Make sure your guest post is original content. Don’t submit a guest post that’s been published on another blog.

2. Write your guest post in a clear, engaging style. Use active voice, strong verbs, and vivid imagery.

3. Proofread your guest post carefully before submitting it. Make sure there are no typos or grammatical errors.

4. Follow the blog’s submission guidelines. Make sure your guest post is the correct length and format.

5. Include a call to action in your guest post. Tell readers what you want them to do after they finish reading your post.

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The most important part of guest blogging for you will likely be your guest post bio This is usually the only place you should include selfpromotion links back to your website blog product service book etc What you write in this section will depend on your guest blogging goals Time needed 30 minutesHere39s a list of strings I39ve used on Google to find guest posting opportunities Your keyword quotguest post byquot Your keyword quotguest postquot Your keyword quotwrite for usquot Your keyword quotguest articlequot Your keyword quotcontributing writerquot Your keyword quotcontribute to our sitequot You can also reverse engineer your competitors39 backlinksCertain blog pages list when an opportunity opens up and they are looking for a guest writer or blogger If you see a guest post by a

blog you can always send them an immediate query email Step 6 Leave a blog comment To engage yourself in a conversation with the owner of the site you want to pitch for leave a comment on one of their postsTo help you to develop your guest blogging policies use these 13 guest blogging policies Adapt them to meet the needs of your blog So you avoid problems later BTWGet a FREE worksheet Checklist to create your Guest Blogging Policy NOTE The Actionable Marketing Guide does NOT accept guest postsIf theyre not in either of those places search for guest post guidelines write for us submit a post or guest posting on the site To do this site search you can type the phrase plus site nameoftargetblogcom into Google eg guest post guidelines siteryrobcom and get more accurate resultsHow to scale

And how to get your guest post featured on HUGE authority sites in 2023 With that here are the steps Step 1 Find Guest Post Targets Step 2 Get Your Guest Post Ready Step 3 Send Your Pitch Step 4 Write Your Guest Post Step 5 Follow Up Bonus Step 1 The Expanded Guest PostCheck the comments section of the post and respond to anyone who takes the time to ask a question or debate one of your points Write a short promotional post for it on your blog and let your readers know about it 06 Make time for guest blogging every month1 Find guest blogging opportunities To find guest posting opportunities most people use Google search operators to find blogs with write for us pages However if everyones following this tactic then everyones finding the same opportunities Competition will be rife and guest

blogs may ignore your pitch

Writing a guest post can be a great way to reach a new audience and build your credibility as a writer. By following these tips, you can write a guest post that will wow bloggers and get your work published on some of the best blogs around.

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